Parents get too much email.

You get them from teachers, coaches, principals, the PTA etc. It is crazy. And good luck if you have several kids.

Get a summary of all your kids' school emails with simple bullet points delivered automatically each evening.

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Automatically summarize your kids school emails

Get Control of School Email

This tool uses advanced AI to merge and summarize all the school emails you get in a day - so you can read the important parts quickly.

Never miss important due dates and details.

It works great with all these services and more...

Gmail iCloud Outlook Yahoo

Highlight Just the Important Stuff

Long emails are summarized into short bullet points with just the critical details.

Merge All the Day's Emails

Get a single email in the evening with bullet-point summaries of all emails from all the teachers.

PDFs and Word Docs

Emails with documents attached are scanned and summarized as well (i.e. newsletters).

Multiple Kids, Teachers, Coaches

Supports any number of kids and all their emails: Merged into one easy-to-read summary.

No Downloads or Plugins Needed

No apps to download or extensions to install. No need to change how you use email already.

Auto-Magic, Easy and Secure

Set in 3-minutes. Safe and private. You choose the senders and originals are kept safe.

😻 We love our teachers!

They can say the sweetest things. But sometimes we are in a hurry or juggling ten different things. We need a cheat sheet to read quickly so we don't miss anything important.

With Magic Mail Machine, you always have the original email - so you can read all the details or look at the photos the teacher attached. This is a tool to help you keep the key points organized.

Make parenting a little easier.

Kids' emails scanned, merged, and a list of the key points emailed to you each evening.

  • ✉️Emails from Teachers, Admins, Coaches, etc.
  • 📄Word docs and PDFs scanned as well
  • 👨‍👧‍👦Unlimited children and emails per account
  • 📱Nothing to install. Setup takes 2min.
  • 🔒Securely works with your existing email
  • 📨Original emails stay in your inbox for later
  • 🤑Try it for free than about $3/month
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Built by parents (of 4 kids!)

🗓️ Don't miss important dates

We've all been there! You didn't realize Thursday was dress-like-a-cow day at school because it was in the middle of a long email. And you also got an email from the music teacher that day. And the dog was sick. And now your child is missing out.

You know tomorrow is "Muffin Morning"?
No?? You should have read the email. 😫

😇 Made by Parents

Easy to set up. No apps. No installs. No plugins. Works with the email you already use.

The Magic Mail Machine was made by a parent of four (4!) kids: grades 9, 7, 5, 4. And soccer. And an IEP.

We get a lot of email!

Questions? Get answers. 😬

Ready? get control of school email 📱